The American Express Pay-with-Points Plan

American Express’ Pay with Points plan, brought to you by AMT Travel, provides you more benefits and personal satisfaction. Even though customers of the American Express Membership Rewards plan could cash in their points for frequent flyer miles with other airline carriers, good flights were hard to come by. Now you can pay upfront for any holiday travel package, airline hotel, car rental and tour, in full or partially, with your Membership Rewards Credit Card Reward points. Let AMT Travel teach you how effortless and quickly your points can be redeemed.

couple-861738__340.jpg Here are a few examples of what you will experience:

-There are no travel limitations – points can be utilized for all travel.
-10,000 Membership Rewards points = $100 worth of travel.

-All your travel requirements are covered, including hotel rooms, car rentals, flights, tours, packages, currency exchange, travel insurance, and even airport taxes.
- Acquire frequent flyer points on bookings bought with points.

-Pay conveniently with points in-store.
-There are no concealed fees for using your American Express Card when arranging travel if you pay with points and your card. can now also put your American Express points to use towards first class & business class travel straight through an AMT American Express Travel Representative!

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