Touring the Mediterranean

From viticulture and art to science and democracy, historians credit the beginning of modern civilization to the societies along the southern coast of Europe. The thousands of years of history of the "Old Country" are visible along its many coasts. You will not want to leave once you've witnessed the charm of the Greek Islands and Santorini, worshipped the sun on the sandy beaches of Italy and Spain, and seen up close the historical attractions of Jerusalem and Greece. Step back in time with a visit to Rome and its reknown Pantheon and Colosseum as well as Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica, one of Christianity’s holiest sights.

Stop in Spain’s vibrant city of Barcelona to see the unique architecture of Antoni Gaudi. bridal-636018__340.jpg For wine aficionados, top destinations include France’s Provence region, Chianti in Italy, and Port in Portugal. In Croatia, travelers can visit the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik, chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

AMT Travel is the Place To Organize Your Five-Star Holiday

Even before the journey begins, both veteran travelers and newbies have so many decisions to make before embarking on a vacation. You may be excited about trekking through the mountains, unwinding by the seaside or even traveling to that far-away place you’ve only seen in movies. AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative, can help you plan for your upcoming vacation in style and comfort. Our 25+ years of experience, certified training and extensive travel throughout the world means that our travel specialists are experts in anything cruise related and can help you choose the best fit for your needs, whether that be on renowned cruise lines such as Princess, Oceania, Silversea, or Holland Cruises.

These cruise lines offer ships which are are basically 5-star floating hotels offering the best in service, state-of-the-art amenities, premium entertainment and exclusive on-land excursions. AMT Travel always aims to exceed your expectations by planning the perfect trip for you.

We provide the best locations to match your personal cultural passions, individual hobbies and lifestyle. Leading the way in escorted American Express Tours, AMT American Express Travel offers multiple exotic destinations and travel models.

No matter what you seek; visiting Europe’s most historical cities or going more remote somewhere far, far away, American Express Tours bring you endless opportunities with over 200 vacations in 60+ countries.

And... being a member has its benefits.

At AMT American Express Travel, we support our dedicated clientele by offering pre-negotiated tour rates. Faithful clients return to AMT Travel every year because our specialists design the full package.

Specifics such as getting an upgrade, checking flight times, travel paperwork, exchange rates, selecting the right excursion or figuring out what to pack -are never your responsibility – it’s all on us! AMT Travel not only takes you around the world 24, we also guarantee travel services around the clock. We are here to make certain that you travel with no worries, hassles or stress. So, while you pack your suitcase, we will do the rest.

Vacationing along Europe’s Celebrated Rivers

The most enchanting rivers in Europe can be yours to explore and enjoy. Traveling by ship is a special way to experience the wonders of rivers such as the Elbe, Rhine, Loire, Danube, Duoro, Volga, and Dnieper.

Size doesn't matter.

While river ships need to be small enough to traverse these waterways, they can be equally luxurious, with world-class dining, modern technology, live entertainment, and unforgettable local excursions. Together, these make for an intimate, fancy, and relaxed experience.

So that people can spend as much time as possible at each local attraction, itineraries are carefully planned to allow for this. These in-depth experiences take you behind the scenes to see what makes living, working, and having fun at your port of call unique. Discover these great cities through the stories revealed by its artists, history and culinary pleasures.

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